Uno Mas?

Boy, I do love me some Jackie Chan. Talk about style and swagger! This isn’t a post, but the recognition of a milestone. Apparently Endgame Farming turned one year old a couple of days ago, and I suppose a small party could be had? /shrug


In the past year, over 50 posts were made. I became particularly partial to the concept of having topics span a series. Endgame Farming has published 4 noteworthy series:

  • The requirement for combat systems to use the ‘Holy Trinity’ or else suffer from blandness that onsets from over-simplicity.
  • The possibilities that exist to fulfill both requirements of a healthy market- contribution and consumption– simultaneously in an MMO by the playerbase of and for themselves.
  • The value and focus that the journey should have over the arrival, how how chasing the carrot is infinitely more valuable than eating the carrot, co-authored with Doone.
  • The preservation of what was, in my humble experience, the pinnacle of MMos- where game polish and world imperfections were simultaneously present- classic era WoW.

Additionally, I made a prediction of which the first half took place, and the second half is taking place, albeit we’ll know next quarterly report the accuracy of the prediction’s entirety.


I suppose it’s been an interesting year where game development blogging is concerned. Along the way, other topics of interest have cropped up, and perhaps I’ll get around to them during the next 52 weeks:

  • The way power progression should work in an MMO environment, where a sense of progress, and leaving one’s friends ‘behind’ are always at odds.
  • The way to merge ‘leveling’ with ‘endgame’ which remains to this day a thorn in the side of MMORPG design. Yes, there is a solution.

Into the [Blog’s] New Year! Rah!

Thanks for the viewership thus far!

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