Welcome fellow gaming enthusiast!

This blog is primarily about a [hopefully] shared interest in gaming design. Mostly oriented towards the MMORPG genre due to the similarities that can be found with life, critique of good and bad design, as well as proposed paths forward for this hobby of interest.

Credentials? Enthusiasts by definition have critical minds, and therein is the only credential that matters. I’ve lurked around blogs and forums since the dawn of the MMO genre, surfacing to make my own blog when I finally felt that my contributions and voice needed a larger and more organized outlet. In this hearth is brought to bear: my hobby with PnP creation (predating adolescence), my knowledge of maths and physics (rocket science anyone?), my experience of having lived on multiple continents (Hallo, ich bin très content de make your acquaintance), my almost national-level jockhood (show up, never place), my gamership (world top25 performer) but above all my ever-burning support for the medium. My story is shared to provide insight as to the perspective from which I approach topics.

Ideas are never complete, and like a buoy out at sea, must always be prepared to weather a storm. Other critical minds are therefor welcome, and encouraged, to provide critical insight while sharing in the atmosphere of a mutual interest in the hobby. Iron sharpens iron, and as much as this blog might be a depository for my thoughts, it is equal parts forum and discussion board as well.

It is worth stating that although there might be timestamps as to when the posts were made, they are in fact ongoing points of interest, and should not be viewed as ‘dated’. The sole reason for the timestamps is due to a limit on the amount of time I have available to craft posts based on years (2013 will be a decade!) of notetaking, idea modelling (takes time to get graphs just right) et al. There is only so much throughput I can afford before hobby becomes career. So if there is a topic of interest, regardless of date of posting, feel free. Iterative processes are, by definition, reliant on previously established ideas. My hope is that conversations will stem from all postings, fresh or timestamped, popular or niche.

Questions, suggestions, or otherwise ideas or critiques that wish to be expressed in a non-public manner are welcome. Address such correspondence to weatherton point dave via gmail point com.

Thanks for stopping in and leaving tasty intellectual morsels of your own. Enjoy!

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