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Uno Mas?

Boy, I do love me some Jackie Chan. Talk about style and swagger! This isn’t a post, but the recognition of a milestone. Apparently Endgame Farming turned one year old a couple of days ago, and I suppose a small … Continue reading

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As with every Friday, another installment to the Vanilla Preservation Project is due.

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Dimming Twilight

So the blog has been on quite a hiatus of late, much dismayed given the rather happening time around the blogosphere. As the saying goes, real life > all else.

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A Trend Takes Root?

How many times do people involved in the MMO scene wish for days of yore? Back and forth go arguments about ‘rose colored glasses’ by the newbies against the old guard, and ‘silver platter’-esque statements by the old school concerning … Continue reading

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And Nothing Else Matters

Been under the weather of late, which means had plenty of think-tank time, but little pen to paper time. Just a not-so-quick thought that might be worth time-stamping, should events transpire accordingly.

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