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Striding, With Toes Pointed

(This post was generated to support a comment made in an interesting post here.) It has nothing to do with where you are standing. It has everything to do with the orientation of your feet, and if they are feet … Continue reading

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Trip To Fan-tasy Land


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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!

As an extra post to this series, we’ll examine ideas surrounding proper implementation of role-based classes or niches. The mundane task of proofs behind us, we now have fun with design!

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A Third Leg Is Required

.. as a minimum to balance any object. The trinity concept provides that balance, but so much more. It is not the end-all-be-all (nor should it be used in such a way in any design), but it is the stability … Continue reading

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I’ve other fish to fry, but this tidbit needs to be circulated. Regardless of your stance, the awareness of this baby is paramount.

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Majority Rules

The conclusion to the series on the necessity for the Holy Trinity is forthcoming (WTB 4hr time block). Just a quick thought, open-letter question I had today…

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Jack, the Renaissance Man

You don’t know Jack? Everybody knows a little about Jack. I need to knock this [naming convention] off before I get punished…

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