Vanilla Project

This is the Vanilla Preservation Project, performed on the Rebirth server with the purpose of recording, in raw and gory detail, every aspect of classic WoW. From character login to level cap, from open world single player questing to instanced group content. No apologies are made here, no editing to ‘spice’ things up. The goal is to provide a clear documentary of the game’s soul from the most stable and true-to-experience server available.

Capture: FrapsΒ  Edit: Windows Movie MakerΒ  Channel Playlist: Vanilla Project


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14 Responses to Vanilla Project

  1. Doone says:

    Good luck with this πŸ™‚ I have a couple of toons over there that I began a couple of months ago. I’ll try to peek in on you from time to time. Or grief you as the occasion allows.

    • Ahtchu says:

      Hrmm, alliance scum I see! Despite my utter respect for you, on the fields of battle, red is dead!

      • Doone says:

        I’m horde. Doone is an orc of the Woodtac clan ….I just planned to roll an ally for the express purposes of killing you πŸ˜‰

      • Ahtchu says:

        Right now I kinda wish I chose to record a tauren druid so the following quote could be punny: ‘Doone, you mess with the bull…’

  2. flosch says:

    This looks very interesting. I’ve saved up this series of posts in my feed reader for some time now, because I feel I should invest more than my usual time into reading these posts. THe whole preservation of online gaming idea has been important to me, and I haven’t really come to a conclusion for myself yet.

    Alas, at the moment, I have little to invest into this and savor your posts. I will catch up on them though, promise! So don’t you stop. πŸ™‚

  3. flosch says:

    “Alas, at the moment, I have little _time_ to invest into this”… case in point! look at my shoddy writing there. Surplus capital letters, missed word… shame on me.

    • Ahtchu says:

      Speaking of shoddy writing, my participation back in MMORPGs has been met with using German again for the first time in many years. You want to see some embarrassing grammar mistakes…. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Derbedeu says:

    Keep up the good work and get that server some population Chu! Is the only legit vanilla realm that exists :).
    Best regards from Derbedeu!

  6. Katalo says:

    I can’t help but feel a little out of place; I am a very long time subscriber of retail WoW, quitting just short of my 8th anniversary (which is quite a bit of time when you’re only 19). I decided to look for a proper private server to let me experience a game that I had left behind a long time ago nigh half-played. Reading this (shamelessly plugged to me from the Rebirth WoW site) has given me a surge of interest. I have taken up a Troll Warrior named Regeneration in an effort to make self healing a virtue of my quest. I am glad that there are people still whom have taken it upon themselves to make a game that is left unprovided. Thank you for all the work you do cataloging a game that most of us consider nothing but a relic of nostalgia and glitches.

    • Ahtchu says:

      Thanks for the comment Katalo! … you started WoW when you were 11? That’s… insane! Well, I suppose not terribly. I got heavy into PC gaming around that age, with consoles long before that.
      I hope you enjoy your experience, and the concept you mention pulls at my interest in the less-beaten approaches to gaming (shaman tanking, melee hunters etc). Stack that spirit, mon! I wonder what kind of self-HoT you could achieve with such a kit… hrmm…

      • Katalo says:

        Yeah, it made for some awkward raid vent, being 12 and in MC.. But quite literally, I grew up with this game, and seeing it change the way it has is quite disappointing. The most dramatic change I notice is just how fragile you are in a big bad world full of opportunity, where as in later expansions it feels like a handout. Zones became smaller as travel became easier, and to me dungeons were never meant to be easy. As soon as the server gets over this bout of (unprovoked and cruel) DDoS attacks, I’ll be right back to leveling. I doubt I will ever look back to Retail from this point.

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