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The End Of An Era Indeed…

This week has been quite the interesting week, starting with this past weekend. Having been out of town to attend a function, coming back home to both a game anniversary and launch… it’s been fairly crazy. We pick up the … Continue reading

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MMORPG Grouping Done Right

Today makes our first full dozen entries into the series, and quite a ride it has been! A lot of topics covered thus far, and countless more to uncover and explore. Our adventurer has dwindling business in Silverpine, but the … Continue reading

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The Weatherman Was Right: Dark Clouds

While in the middle of an ongoing series that will likely span a good hundred postings or so, I take a quick break to look around at recent happenings and embrace the irony and sadness of it all. The MMORPG … Continue reading

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Sound’s Good!

As with every Friday it seems, the next installment to the Vanilla Preservation Project releases. Hard at work here with capturing, encoding and uploading…

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Applying Past Lessons

Today marks the beginning of the double-digit installments to our Vanilla Preservation Project. The beginning of a new era signals the closure of the last. How does one bridge the two?

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Leveling Pangs

And so today marks the final single-digit entry into the series on Vanilla Preservation. Today’s post is largely a review of the project thus far, with game design considerations.

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Age Of Discovery

Following last week’s episode, we come to session number eight in the series on the preservation of Vanilla. Today exemplifies everything that was explained last week. I am pleased at this opportunity to reinforce theory with activity.

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