As with every Friday, another installment to the Vanilla Preservation Project is due.

Unfortunately this week I’ve had issues with uploading session 13. YouTube loses the upload upon completion 😦 While waiting for a re-upload I recorded session 14. Again upload 13 fails.

I am out of town this weekend attending a function, and uploaded both last night while I traveled. 14 worked, 13 still failed. When I get back at the close of the weekend, I’ll likely power drain both comp and modem, boot up, remove all processes in the background and give 13 a final go. Hopefully we’ll have a two-fer next week to make up for the setbacks of this one.

Recording this series is fun. Compiling/compressing each session is whatever. Uploading is… frustrating. Whoever says blogging is easy isn’t a blogger themselves.

In the meantime, given the weekend, this stream should tide anyone over who is looking for a good dose of quality 1.12.1 gamemanship.

About Ahtchu

Jock. Nerd. Holistic. Game theoretician. Can recite the alphabet backwards.
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