Sound’s Good!

As with every Friday it seems, the next installment to the Vanilla Preservation Project releases. Hard at work here with capturing, encoding and uploading…

+20% Internet Cool Points?

But the biggest relief is that I was able to get sound to work through ongoing tinkering. This now means I am able to capture the game’s mechanics, pacing, animations but now also the mood. Huge joy here!

World PvP

I’ve always long been an advocate of world PvP. Mind you, it’s perhaps worth explaining what that buzzword means. Exploring a definition is far more important than leaving just a buzzword.

World PvP is precisely that, but when I use the term, I’m speaking to the origins of the concept. I’m not merely talking about player-vs-player (combat) interactions that take place in the ‘world’ of an MMORPG. Because this would then include many impure examples- dueling comes to mind.

When I use the term World PvP, I’m speaking to an organic encounter. This means that the encounter is:

  1. Unscheduled. The encounter must come unexpectedly, while engaged in doing something else. This does many things to add to the thrill, as well as learning experience. A test (repeated, as talked about previously) in keeping ones ‘head on a swivel’.
  2. Unplanned. It’s important that an encounter could outbreak at any location. That the world is alive and full of possibilities is the meta-desire here, and world pvp feeds right into this. The feeling of ‘safe’ should be a fleeting one. It makes the world more alive, no discussion!
  3. Unfair. Numbers or quality mismatches play a huge part in the organic-ness, and thus, thrill. This absolutely works both ways. You can steamroll or be steamrolled. The beauty I personally find in this, is the opportunity to overcome. This will never be possible in a fair, even-steven engagement.
  4. Nonconsensual. This is the most important part. If a game’s mechanics allow for someone to ‘opt in/out’ in a way that they can plan their timing of a location to be ‘fair’ to them, it completely invalidates points 1-3. This is the bow that ties the package together. Logging into the game alone is the consent to engage and be engaged upon. (Safe zones, if limited, are warranted.)

Unless your game builds PvP encounters like this, it is 100% missing a crucial element in the potential and beauty that MMORPGs hold. Something that, again, the MMORPGs of the 2001-2005ish era do right. EVERYTHING else related to PvP is just a duel by another name, is just a battleground by another name. Controlled, meta-predictable hogwash.

Sounds Like A Good Idea…

This is the easiest part, just like making anything organic. You don’t need to make these encounters take place, you need to just allow them to. Get out of the way, remove the interference that is designer whim. There’s no reason to schedule things, or coordinate in any way. Just give players a reason to be at, pass through, check on a given location and world pvp will naturally ensue. The reason why this is so easy is that it’s analogous to.. making the game itself. It *is* the game.


Actually, not at all. This time around, I felt the wolf’s teeth. I wasn’t the wolf. And my playstyle in all of this is more often than not to engage only when I’m being engaged upon, or if an engagement is imminent… or someone is about to take a node and I am able to do something about that.

The Play Session

From the onset, I’ve wanted to focus on not just the game itself, but the uniqueness and flavor of the vanilla classes. Class quests are a priority, even if it means there’s inefficiency in the order of when things are performed. These class quests are wonderful, and taking the time to do them as soon as they become available helps highlight them. The level 20 class quest involves a little bit o’ exploration..

Death count: (+2) 9

I dislike these tasks I am given to perform. I have a flow to my undeath and I’ve become a bit salty about it. I wish to make my trek to the Tauren plains, but alas, I am called on more tasks.

However, I cannot argue with the tasks themselves. This one is rather dark and mysterious. I like that. It also promises power. I love that. There’s a side order of morbid, in killing a pair of ‘bleeding hearts’. That’s just fungus on the stale bread!

I chanced the opportunity to dispose of Mr. Forgewright already. Apparently his comrade Mr. Villard has gotten wind of this, and has gone into hiding. I do love me a good chase. And so to the Hills I made haste… and greeted almost immediately by that foul human scum.

Oh silly Alliance. In my undeath I’ve come to appreciate why the world’s inhabitants hate humanity so much. I do not renounce my former existence, but I do laugh at their shortsightedness. The death I experienced today actually hastened my purpose! Oh bittersweet death…

This Mr. Villard… this Comar… believed he could tuck himself away in the hillsides of the wetlands, but unbeknownst to him or the rest of the Alliance, the Horde have blueprints to their infrastructure connecting the Wetlands with Arathi. It’s understandable that humanity is quite dense, but one would expect more from the dwarves in intelligence.

Comar’s heart was the missing key to my growth in power. I was able to summon and vanquish a new demon, a Succubus. Perhaps this was the arrival Kal has been sensing of late, which would explain his obedience. Catriana is quite easy on the eyes for a vagabond like myself.. but she is a demon! I will not seek to earn her favor, she will do my bidding. Thanks Tabby, for reminding me of this.

In other news, merely even getting to the Tauren city was a hoof. Bwahaha! Ah… well. It’s a wonder why they remain as large as they do given their nomadic nature. Maybe it’s all that pork the orcs try and sell to the rest of the Horde. Us undead don’t eat that crap, but apparently the Tauren do.


Series: Vanilla Preservation Project

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7 Responses to Sound’s Good!

  1. Feff / Rudger says:

    Hey, this is Feff / Rudger. This is a bit off topic, but have you had trouble reaching The Rebirth website and server this Saturday the 8th?

    • Ahtchu says:

      Hi Feff! I actually hopped on today to do some of my preliminary ‘ensure it’s recording properly’ while it went offline. So instead I just started compiling the last session- staying constructive!
      From looking around at the rest of the emulator community, today has been dubbed the International Downtime Day. Isn’t it wonderful we have a holiday to observe? 🙂

      • Feff / Rudger says:

        Haha, yeah. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something wrong with only my pc/internet.
        But with the whole website and forums down it seemed kinda serious. I don’t know any backup form of communication to be in touch with the staff or people from the server, and had to dig around in my internet history for awhile to find this blog again.
        I know Feenix has been getting DDoS attacked pretty hard since they launched Emerad Dream, along with the other Vanilla emu’s having similar problems in recent months, but I don’t know if Rebirth’s issues are anything along those lines.
        So, I hope whatever it is isn’t serious and things will be ok in the near future.

      • Ahtchu says:

        I’m informed that this downtime is a complete anomaly in service. But then again, you want a true-to-experience 1.12.1? Who can forget the kinds of downtime the servers had in 2004/ early 2005? Almost full weeks offline? Truly ‘blizzlike’ as they say in the emu-sphere.
        P1999 affected at all?

  2. Feff / Rudger says:

    Haha yeah, although you could still sometimes reach a (lagged out) official blizzard webpage/forums.
    Hadn’t tried P1999 till just now, but it seems fine.

  3. Morgee says:

    This post is brilliant. I keep telling my friends how what they play is not world PvP just because it is uninstanced. The part where you said just give them a reason to be in an area, or look in an area even just passing through is so true. Give reason to be in the world, discourage sitting in your cities waiting for your LFG queue. What made Vanilla PvP so much fun on retail was that you were grinding everywhere, you were farming mats everywhere because you NEEDED to if you wanted progress in PvE. And you wanted to PvE to get better for PvP if you weren’t part of an honor train. It was as very well balanced cycle.

    • Ahtchu says:

      Thanks for the comment Morgee!
      I was reading a blog post about GW2 and the ‘map exploration’ feature that the game has (it gives you rewards for discovering hidden parts of the map). This isn’t ‘exploration’! This is ‘achievement’! Just because you call something a name, doesn’t make that thing what you just called it. Just like ‘world’ PvP. Sure, it takes place ‘in the world’ but that’s the *only* part of the definition that isn’t a lie.
      I like your comment about the aspects of gameplay (PvP vs PvE) and how they reinforce each other. I can’t say anything but add this: I also know that many people would honor grind to get gear so they could get into raiding guilds (it’s hard to gear up for AQ40 from DM blues). Running BGs 15x in a row might have been the same time commitment as a single raid, but because each play session is segmented, it fit the time allotments of some. One of our many 4HM tanks did precisely this: grind r14, bring the epic pvp suit to a raiding guild. His fury dps was an asset, and all the +sta on PvP gear made him a shoe-in for offtanking as well.

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