We All Have Inner Demons

… it’s just some of us have embraced an external one as well. Like all demons, this summoned doesn’t act on my whims, but on his own. The fifth part in the ‘VPP’ series brings us a play session split between a love for the land and distaste for some who walk it.

A Quick Technical Note

I’m extremely grateful for technology. It permits high quality encoding and uploading that will preserve raw gameplay for later (2 decades from now?) review. That being said, I am remiss to learn that my 2MB upload speed gets throttled to 1MB while uploading to YouTube. Secondly, YouTube randomly deletes video following ~11hr uploads twice for me now. Like I’ve said, I am grateful for technology. I am not grateful, however, for implied stability of said technology that ends up costing me a good many hours of my allotted hobby time. This week was intended to be another two-fer, but we have YouTube to thank for mandating it not be.

It’s funny. In all this, it is the server that is most reliable. YouTube drops videos twice in 5 successful uploads (that’s 7 attempted, in case the math hurts), my ISP throttles upload speeds by a half, my own computer drivers record 1080p HD video but are deaf-mute. The server, on the other hand, is consistently online for periods of 10+ days, offers me >50ms ping and I don’t fall through the world or have mobs ignore line-of-sight or pathing.

Three Walls Do Not A Square Make

Sound is likely not going to be featured in this series. I’ve put in over 48 man hours in driver testing for this alone. So, to hopefully make the videos a bit more enjoyable, I have begun to break the fourth wall on a frequent basis. Sometimes I roleplay, sometimes I speak directly to the viewer, sometimes I think out loud. I’d be amazed if people sit through and watch every second of these uploads other than myself, but for the parts people do click to, I hope this modified approach to play and filming brings a little more enjoyment. I get much enjoyment from playing and I hope watching is equally so.

Feedback, per usual, is welcomed here.

The Play Session

When I awoke from my slumber I greeted the world around me. No one greeted me back. Ever wonder why warlocks walk around so bitter all the time? Sheesh.

I had been tasked most recently with many things the denizens of Sepulcher needed doing. Some of the Deathstalkers had gone missing and needed curing. There is a big wolf and bear infestation here in Silverpine I’ve noticed. None of the Forsaken locals seem to mind so perhaps it is the natural order of things. One thing that is an issue indeed is the presence of what are called ‘moonrages’. These beasts are half man, half wolf and appear to be sent to plague us Forsaken in our own lands. I thought for sure thing sort of evil started and stopped with the Scarlets in Tirisfal, but my worldly travels have opened my undead eyes that perhaps this evil is far more widespread. If it is, I vow to cure it. With fire and shadow, to cure it all.

During my foray into the Undercity I was taught how to summon and control the Voidwalker demon. I have seen no real use for the Imp that I had enslaved when I was a young level 6 warlock, and have embraced the void. Lately, however, he seems to be quite unruly. He wanders into hostile areas and gets me into a pickle. I clean up his mess. He doesn’t follow me on roads less traveled. I still summon him back. This is frustration and I will not tolerate it from a being brought to Azeroth expressly to do my bidding. Thankfully no one I cared for was hurt today, but I did end up dismissing Kal as his services were no longer welcome.

Rather than fly on the bats provided by the people of Sepulcher, I decided to make my trip to the Undercity on foot. Smell the roses if you will… and then pick them! MwuhaHAha, oh little undead jokes.

Anyway, it seems I get plenty of rest here in Sepulcher but very little opportunity to work on my crafts. Perhaps I should focus more time with the apothecaries and less on sleep. Oh, I sure do hope I’m not going battlesoft… that would be extremely unwarlocklike of me.

Already my short-term memory is failing me. I meant to visit many trainers while I was at the home of the Undead, but did not. Oh, the throes of undeath!


Series: Vanilla Preservation Project

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