Leveling With Death

A special week this week with a two-fer in the series, today comes a rather exciting play session. No, I still haven’t experienced my first death, but each session the knocks on the door get louder. Soon, it won’t be the sound of a knock on the door, but the sound of the door being knocked over.

It’s always been interesting to me to read about the distinctions people make regarding art and science. The two are so unbelievably attached at the hip I cannot fathom separating them. Being an engineer and having the analytic mind that comes with it leads me to further dive into linguistics and marketing, both of which are soft science. Also, the main reason why I play and enjoy games are for the mechanics, and yet I have the strongest lure to the lore and story. The sun and the moon. The object and its shadow. Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary.

Why Death?

It’s an odd one really. Our human infatuation with the concept has lead artists to depict Death as an angel, a reaper, a cloud, even a kiss. And then we go on to define worlds and existence beyond Death, whether or not to embrace It, if It is the end of Life or merely Life’s beginning. It’s a thought that no human mind can fully understand, because no human has died and lived to tell the tale. Those with experience can’t share.

And a fitting topic, I do suppose, as the character played in the world of Azeroth is afflicted with ‘un’death. (Something I hadn’t thought about before: can undead catch a common cold? Hrmm, perhaps I could have thought that one through a bit better.)

Anyhow, Ahtchu the warlock is both dead and living. He exists in the breathing world but wields powers from the Beyond. While he is deathly thin, without even enough skin to cover his bones, he fights against the evil of the demonic plague that would bring death to all of Azeroth. There is reckless abandon in his dark arts, wielding them against their own without cause nor concern for his own safety. He eats away at his own undead life to continue bolting shadows at the ghouls and banshees that infest the lands he walked in his former life.

Play Session

As expected at the conclusion of the last play session, I had a handful of quests to mop up in Tirisfal Glades. I expected a bit more out of two of the quests; entering the catacombs and the demise of the head gnoll ended up being underwhelming. Sort of. That gnoll was a pushover, and while the honcho in the catacombs was no challenge for my shadow wrath, the descent into the catacombs was an adventure…

Kal is my pet, I am not his. He will do my bidding. That being said, perhaps I am a poor master in that I do not pay much heed to his life total. Maybe even a summoner of banished creatures should have enough of a soft spot to listen to the needs of the summoned. It would have absolutely prevented the skirt with death.

no.. no.. NO.. NO! I am Undeath. I fear no death, for I have experienced more than death’s sting. I have lost my life, my family, my well-being at the hands of the Reaper and will fight against empowering Him again! Never mind that banshees and ghouls surround me, numbering three. And never mind that that blasted summoned abondons his master, surely with ploy to jeopardize his plans. He will meet his just reward later… I will square off with Death and best Him. I will reach down, level up, and continue the slaughter of the tainted unliving that curse Tirisfal. For the Dark Lady!

I do wish I could find more herbs in Tirisfal. My resolve in combat eclipses my progress with professions. I have finished business in the Glade and have moved onto delivering envelopes to the Forest of Silverpine next door, against my better judgement. There are new herbs here aplenty, of which the apothecaries call ‘Mageroyal’, that I cannot gather. The technique to unearth them is beyond my present skill.

There is presence of the leaf that is silver and the peaceful bloom that I am accustomed to gathering in the Forest. I do not know if I should remain here to practice my herbalism or return to the Glade, but I do place my skill at gathering Azeroth’s flowers, roots and fungi as top priority.


Series: Vanilla Preservation Project

About Ahtchu

Jock. Nerd. Holistic. Game theoretician. Can recite the alphabet backwards.
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2 Responses to Leveling With Death

  1. Arnimik says:

    Herb More Nub!

    • Ahtchu says:

      This is true. As a fresh gamer might, the approach to tradeskills would likely be passive as the core gameplay is combat oriented. In the future, this will need to shift to a proactive one, for sure.

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