Gallow’s End

The fourth installment to what will shape up to be a lengthly series indeed, I catalogue the adventures of one (1) warlock (caster of darkness) in WoW v1.0 (vanilla) for the enjoyment of all.

Technically, this has been a good week. I’ve managed to find the free time in my own schedule to commit a bit more time to this project, and the video compilation and YouTube uploading have gone off without hiccups. As a result, this week I will be able to make an additional mid-week post in addition to the end-of-week post which has become the de-facto standard. Enjoy!

A Summary So Far

I think now is perhaps a good time to sit back and casually look at how things have progressed since the idea first spawned to make this series. The initial troubleshooting complete, the first couple gaming sessions under the belt… before momentum kicks in and we get to being full swing, now is best to assert our course. Centimeters of correction now mean kilometers of difference later.

If A Tree Falls In A Woods…

It is amazing to experience knowledge in action. This is a statement that can be applied to more than just gaming, obviously, but language truly doesn’t do the statement justice. We all know that just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, I might dare be so bold as to claim that as a given industry’s consumer, we are all conditioned to precisely pay no heed to topics that might be harmful to the interests of a given brand. The ‘doctor knows best’, right? WRONG.

In the first post of the series, I had done initial research into what the private server/emu community was about, and resources that were used to accomplish the aims of its members. Absolutely wonderful finds were made, including the Wayback Machine‘s versions of thottbot or allakhazam. These alone are worth highlighting for any gamer’s purpose. Not enough emphasis can be placed on the value of history. It is impossible to properly understand the present without understanding the path that got one there. Context is everything in life, and that holds true for games.

In the time that has spanned since the onset of the project, I’ve spent time in and around these private communities. Big industry looks down on these sorts of things, and markets the consumer to look down on them as well. And while I can appreciate the business sense of these actions, one cannot help but ask ‘why’. It becomes clear after learning the stories of the emu community’s members that there are legitimate claims here, real emotion and passion. It’s a crying shame that big industry doesn’t heed the voices of its devoted followers, but chooses instead to push their own agenda. SO much wasted potential. 😦

The stories I’ve heard have been true eye-openers. Most everyone I’ve met is a long-time MMORPG vet. Many of them have held 2, 3… 8 year subscriptions to given titles. Many of them hold active subscriptions to present, retail WoW. This was a huge realization, and debunked a falsely constructed mental image (thanks marketing!) of these private server goers. Private server goers aren’t trying to get free gaming in, there is no scam here. They just want to play their game of choice. It is rather simple:

  1. WoW Vanilla *was* the first installment to the WoW franchise.
  2. WoW Vanilla *is* a game, unto itself.

More wonderful, heart-warming resources have been found! While current petopia has been cleared of all former content, there are emu community members who have gone out and recompiled much of the information. Doesn’t browsing this creation invoke that sense of wonder and awe we all found so electrifying of the genre in the first place? I’ve found more than just game resources as well. While there are very few active bloggers who played and blogged about it during classic, there are blogs that have gone dormant. Since I aim to capture the essence of classic, these first-hand testimonials add great value to the project.

Play Session

The post title is, obviously, the name of the inn, but fitting as I believe my time in this zone is coming to an end. I’ve now reached level 12, and have only capstone quests remaining in the zone. Surely next play session will have me delivering a lil’ something to Silverpine. Oh, the adventures await!

I am still without a guild at present, but have been talking with various cronies in the lowbie zones, very much enjoying the pleasant experience the server has to offer. I greet everyone I see who joins the zone general chat, sometimes with great social responses, others none at all. It was rather fun meeting a guy in Tirisfal and beginning to do ‘target of friendliness: name’ to anyone we saw. I do love me a good community.

I used a Troll’s Blood Potion during this play session and was absolutely blown away at how well it synergizes with a warlock’s kit. I do believe alchemy can make these, so I’ll definitely need to look into it. I’m unsure if the TBP will work as noticeably well at later levels, but it’s good to note it now. It gives me something to check later on. Also, I aim to try and get my herbalism up to 50 so I can advance to tier II before moving into the next zone.


I’m immediately in love. I know already that this guy and I are going to be great pals. With a destro spec lock and a void tank, the world of Azeroth will known mercilessness the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Archimonde!

I had two noteworthy encounters this playsession. The challenges are ramping up, for sure. While completing the quests in SE Tirisfal, I pulled 2 mobs in lieu of 1. I was forced to burn a health pot, and was glad I had one on hand. Hopefully not a sign of things to come! Also, I finished off the Scarlet quests with what turned out to be a breeze of a captain assassination + 2 bodyguards, but ol’ voidie died in the process. I welcome the challenges that await.

Next play session I’d imagine will consist of mopping up the remaining quests and a little bit of herbing. Every gaming schedule needs a little bit of low key, as well.


Series: Vanilla Preservation Project

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3 Responses to Gallow’s End

  1. ZanathKariashi says:

    Yeah, nearly all trollsblood kick ass, the minor one is the only lack luster of the bunch. The lvl 26+ world drop recipe version ( i think it needs around 150 skill) is just ridiculous like 8-10 hp/5, especially on a warrior or rogue, on a warlock it’s like having a 2nd Demon Armor (at lvl 40) regen going. If memory serves the next one up from there is a Zandalar rep reward.

    • Ahtchu says:

      Thanks for posting Zanath!
      In all my years of playing the game, across pretty much all classes at all levels of progress, herbalism and alchemy were the professions I did the least to a staggering degree. It’s an area of the game in which I remain noob. Hence, the perfect choice for this project.
      Given your insight, I’ll for sure be hoping the pattern drops, and scanning the AH when the opportunity permits. Good to know the goodness that is Trolls Blood remains tasty higher up in the levels. More reason to keep updated with tradeskills while leveling I suppose.

      • ZanathKariashi says:

        It requires 180 skill and drops from stuff around 30-35 (or found in chests of similar level)…or you can learn it from the imprisoned guy in RFD if you absolutely can’t find it anywhere else. 12 hp/5 for 1 hour, min lvl 26, easy mats.

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