Just How Talented?

After having recognized the need to catalogue an accurate representation of the classic ‘feel’, I’m two play sessions deep in what might turn out to be quite the length of series. Starter zone complete in a timely manner, and it’s off to other zones in the great, wide world…

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

The issue with having played through leveling and raiding multiple times, at all levels, is that I know precisely where to go and what to do without thinking. This project would be worthless if it demonstrated efficiency rather than gameplay, because efficiency has already been documented. It is the gameplay, the soul, the essence that hasn’t.

I cannot ignore what I know now. But to help achieve the ends of gameplay over efficiency, I will progress through leveling as a newcomer most likely did. I will do all quests in a zone that are feasible given circumstance of gear, group, talents, levels etc, before moving onto another zone. Thankfully, enough time has passed that I can blissfully ignore where nodes spawn and when (not to mention I’ve historically been a crafter), and will refrain from purposely looking up ‘efficiency’ tricks for anything. This will include leveling as well as tradeskills.

For the leveling process, I will go from zone to zone as quests guide me. I will also spend time periodically to keep my tradeskills up to par with where my character level is at.

Also, last post I suggested various talent builds that were viable and I had seen used in the functionality that I listed during classic, all from high-end raiding guilds no less. While not ‘optimized’, they were fun and speccing was left in the hands of the individual, not the lock-in system we witness now. To promote this air of classic enjoyment, I will level using the suggested builds. This means no Siphon Life! 😦

Also, I think it would be wonderful to showcase these builds for leveling on various other classes, but sadly I do not have the resources to display more than just this warlock’s journey. At the onset of the series, I did claim this project would be as inclusive as possible, but would be limited due to the one-man show. Others will need to fill in gaps of their choosing should this project prove interesting.

Technical Considerations

As I made note last post, I cannot capture sound with my rig’s setup. Most of the drivers I had prior to setting up this experiment crashed and given the age of both my CPU and peripherals, getting working/updated drivers was an issue. I’m looking into other video capture options, but nothing substantial to report thus far.

I’d ideally like to make postings twice a week. Realistically, this might be more like a weekly juncture. For every 1h30 that is played ingame, Fraps captures 80-100GB worth of raw data files. It takes about 8hours to convert these in Windows Movie Maker to a 8GB wmv file. It takes a little less than 8hours to upload this finished file to YouTube. Given the legwork that must be done to support this project, only under ideal circumstances would twice a week be feasible.

This actually isn’t a bad thing, considering. It means rested XP will build between days of playing the character. And this is also very much classic-like! Altoholics would make great use of rested XP by playing characters on rotation. I will do the same, frapsing the lock, and play a full rotation of characters.

Another reason why this is a blessing in disguise is that I will be 1-3 play sessions ahead of where these postings indicate. This means that certain parties that might be interested in headhunting won’t receive a free tip-off via these videos 😉

The Play Session

I’m not using any sort of quest helper, relying only on my own memory and *reading quest text* to give me knowledge of where locations of interest are situated. I do suppose for the full effect, I could have scrolling text in lieu of instant quest text, but when you’ve Reader’s Digested enough, slow reading is a put-off!

There’s nothing terribly special here, just the standard questing and frequent ‘dings!’ for a low level character. I do enjoy the tone and feel of Tirisfal, and spending so much time here helps cultivate the sense of sombre and brooding that an undead warlock must experience. Why are these vile scarlet crusaders present in our lands?

Not Those Kinds Of Herbs

The warlock, dark caster frequenting forbidden magical arts and demonic play-things, has chosen a path of alchemy to complement his sinister nature. Herbalism, therefor, is also chosen. But he’s not doing it for the Peacebloom nor the Mageroyal. He will pick those only because he must. He’s doing it for the Ghost Mushrooms and the Gromsblood.

He got his first talent point! As noted above, he will be leveling as destro/demo mainly. This is how I wish to play him, as a direct caster, and I won’t be bothered with efficiency builds here. It is perfectly possible to play through in a manner that is enjoyable to oneself, and I will catalogue this very thing. It will be interesting to see how this pans out against some of the more challenging solo quests out there.


Series: Vanilla Preservation Project

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