Good, Bad, and Ugly

As I’m still very busy with unpacking the boxes from the move (updating broken links from all previous posts), I wanted to jot down an idea before I forget it, spawned by the usual Tour des Blogs.

A couple of posts read during the move spawned some thinking about game design in the most generalistic of senses.

  • Ugly– design that involves the player only in the here and now. The experience exists in a vacuum.
  • Bad– design that involves the player with either previous content or upcoming. The experience is disjointed, a one-way street.
  • Good– design that involves the player by reinforcing previously learned lessons, teaches a new lesson, and prepares the player for upcoming lesosns. In a word: continuity.

Continuity breeds creation. Continuity breeds prosperity, dividends. Examples fulfilling this assertion only numerously surround us in both history and geography. Build games with continuity!

Trash that uses a lesson learnt during the previous boss and forces coordination required for an upcoming boss. Economical systems that permeate boundaries between microtransations (the in-game variety, not those blasted p2w titles) and macroeconomics, lessons learned from the former, applied at present, to prepare the gamer for an upcoming market shift. The ways to apply this in games are countless.

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