I’ve other fish to fry, but this tidbit needs to be circulated. Regardless of your stance, the awareness of this baby is paramount.

Protect IP and Stop Online Priracy Act are [proposed?] legislation that has a direct effect on the online entertainment industry. Plenty of he-said-she-said for high profile legislation like this, so I don’t have any opinion until I get facts of my own, to which I ask:

WHERE can a citizen get their hands on the bills? All500, 1000, 1500+ pages? Surely there must be someplace online that publishes legislation and not one of these bogus ‘what you need to know’ blogs, media outlets etc. I’d like to be informed to the full extent, even if that means putting aside other interests and hobbies. This, because I bought into the hype, feels like it could be a doozy.

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Jock. Nerd. Holistic. Game theoretician. Can recite the alphabet backwards.
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