And another one bites…

… the bullet.

A long-time reader of blogs, I should have started writing years ago. There are so many ideas that can use a canvas- whether the purpose being to fine-tune or simply store. This blog is to achieve these ends, and welcomes any passers-by to critique, challenge, and offer their viewpoints as well.

Small Minds Discuss People, Average Minds Discuss Events, Great Minds Discuss Ideas

I’m more than aware other blogs discussing the news within the MMORPG sphere of interest, and there are interesting posts to these effects. This blog, however, will take the route of design concepts. The ideas that shape games, their validities, their functionalities, their implementations. I feel there is more to talk over in this area than simply thoughts on company X, game Y, or event Z. I realize this is largely an unpopular route, but a more universal one. As they are game independent, great discussion can spawn from these. Such is my hope for the blog.

Take Memories, Leave More Than Just Footprints

Feel free to mark your visit with a simple ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’. Better still if those words are accompanied with supporting facts for the opinion(s). There is much to be gained from discussing viewpoints. If you have a comment or request that you feel is better suited for email, don’t hesitate to contact me at my posting pseudonym via Google’s mailing service (cryptic to combat those pestky bots).
Thanks for stopping by and leaving some intellectual tidbits of your own.

About Ahtchu

Jock. Nerd. Holistic. Game theoretician. Can recite the alphabet backwards.
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